Saturday, April 6, 2013

Allerton 10K & Half Marathon...Check off the Bucket List

Today was Allerton's 10K and half Marathon.  Alaric had on his bucket list for 2013 to volunteer at a race and today was the day.  We positioned ourselves with our signs and cheers as hundreds of running passed by!

 Then Alaric got to work the water station with the highschoolers.  While we waiting for the runners to come back by, he just stood with the guys, chillin'.
 Then he worked...he handed out tons of water and cheered on runners and gave encouraging words....then raced back to the table to restock and do it again.
 We stayed til the very last runner passed by.  Showing how important it is to support everyone-not just those who run with the crowd.  Then we cleaned up!  Amara helped too.
 We cleaned up the water station with the highschoolers and had a blast!  What a great day to model volunteerism, community involvement, physical fitness, and fun!  Loved it!

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