Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pancakes & PJ's!

You all know I love The Moms Group!  One reason is because we host a Mommy/Daughter event once a year and a Mommy/Son event once a year.  I LOVE having a beautifully planned event to share with my kids.  I love even more when I don't have to plan it and I can simply enjoy!

This morning was Pancakes and Pajamas!  Mara and I ( and Bitty Baby) all dressed up as triplets and headed out the door early!
The morning was amazing!  There was a photobooth with tons of dressup items and a photographer 
( pictures still to come)
Incredible pancakes with all the toppings!
A super happy mommy and her favorite little girl,
Pillowcase decorating
tons of books and soft places to read stories with other mommies and daughters
And lots of sweet, giggly girls loving all the extra time with their moms!

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