Friday, January 4, 2013

I hired the very best help!

My kids have not complained ONCE about helping since my surgery.  The have done absolutely everything that has been asked of them.  Because I have been by myself for the first time in weeks since Brian is back at work, I have needed lots of help and the children have done it all.

We've trained the children to do many tasks around the house.  And they don't mind doing REAL work.  They know it needs to be done, they knows its important work for our home to keep running, and they know that everyone needs to help to make it all happen.  

Being trained to do real work has given them confidence and self assurance and to see them shine is priceless.

Today is garbage prep day.  Bubba combined all the trash in the house, took the bag out to the garage and re-lined the kitchen trash.  After I tied off the bag, he was able to drag the trash can and all the recycling all the way to the corner. 
Mara got her own cleaning kit for Christmas so she got moving on the bathrooms.  She is able to use her own spray to wipe mirrors and counters.  She can use a scrubby for the toilet and sweep the floors.  While I did have some re-cleaning to do to make it "guest worthy", she took care of the heavy cleaning and she is an amazing helper.  For this strong willed child, helping her help herself has changed all of our lives- this girl can do anything ( and she knows it!!!)
Thanks to my precious children for being such amazing helpers everyday, but especially when I needed it most! I love you!

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