Sunday, September 2, 2012

Veronica's Birthday Slumberparty

For Veronica's Birthday this year, we gave her some jammies and asked her to come to our home for a slumber party.  Tonight was the night!

After putting on PJ's, we started with Twister
 Loved getting tied up with these sweet kids!
 Then on to Jenga!  We love Jenga!
 Then Uno!
 We blew up and air mattress and got our lovies, and got comfy for our movie night...Cinderlla!
 with Oreos and whole milk too-YUM!
 The kids were all up at 6AM but they did great- lots of playing and coloring.
 Then these two cousins got on their matching outfits and loved being twins for church!
 And Bubba coordinated!
And this video is just priceless!  What an incredible night.  Love you so much, Veronica!!!

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