Friday, September 21, 2012

Grandparents Day at Metamorphosis

Today was Grandparents Day at Meta and Mara was so very lucky to get both sets of grandparents to visit. The kids prepared signs for them to welcome!
 Mara had a blast showing them all her jobs and work.  This week she is in charge of taking care of Gus, our guinea pig.  She showed Nana and Grandpa and Grammy and Papa all the steps to care for this animal.
 One of her favorite works is building words.
 She had to ask Grammy for alittle help with the opening containers work.
 Our circle times were full of showing off, including Mara doing the Mexican hat dance. 
 This picture was on the bulletin board.  One of my very favorites.
 Thanks Nana and Grandpa and Grammy and Papa for coming to Meta and for being such great Grandparents!

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