Sunday, September 2, 2012

Today was the day!  We were all so excited.  For Jack's birthday we gave him an afternoon at the Monticello Train and Railway Museum.  We all get giddy to spend time with Jack and spoil him!

We bought him this cool conductor hat!
 He was so excited too!
 Up high in the caboose!
 Amara shows him the BIG train and tells him its time ( look at those little legs running!)
 Deciding if we'll be outside or inside
 Inside it is....waiting for the train to GO!
 Scoping out some of the other cars
 These three were joined at the hip!
 Tired little boy....but nothing was going to get him to miss this!
 Jack loves his big cousin and was very excited about the tickets they received
 and had punched by the train guy!
 We waved at the people we saw on the street when we passed
 Mara and Daddy got some smooching time in too!
 Took at break at the Wabash Depot downtown to giggle
 look at the trains closer
 Pose for some photos
 and PLAY!
 before we got back on the train and decided to sit in the outdoor car!
 so beautiful!
 This boy just stood so seriously and took it all in!
 Then we went through the museum cars
 more pictures
 and loved every second we could get with our favorite nephew in the world!

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