Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jack Visits the Fire Station

Each year for birthdays, we like to give something to DO, not just something to have.  So this year for our nephew Jack, we bought him a firefighter uniform and asked our friend, Mike, if he would take us on a tour of the Champaign Firestation.  I know they say they do this all the time but we were so excited and so grateful for the behind the scenes trip- we all loved it!

Look at this sweet boy!
Can't wait to be firefighters!
We even got to hang out in the workout room!
Jack and Firefighter Mike had matching axes!
So excited to be at the firestation.
Jack even got to drive the truck
There were long silences, dead stares, and stopping in his be inside the brain of a 3 year old.  This kid was taking it all in.
Firefighter Mike put on all parts of his fire suit for us to see him.  The kids got to touch each piece.
He looked and sounded kinda scary but we talked about how firefighters are there to help.  
Everyone got to try on the real fire helmet.

Then Mike showed us how he uses the pole when the alarm goes off.  
The kids raced to the pole themselves.
Thanks Fire fighter Mike for the tour and the free stuff!

Happy Boy at McDonalds to cool down after the trip!  Love spending time with this sweet boy!

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